Adam Carroll

Karaoke Cowboy

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Weeknights at the Ramada there's not too much to see
Except Tuesday night's karaoke night, you get the Wild Turkey free
And a Stetson hat and some snake skin boots, a bollo tie and jeans
There's the karaoke cowboy, his name is Bob, at the bar in Grand Saline
In the bottom of his tip jar is a quarter and dime
For all the scratched up Haggard songs where the drunks got outta line
But the nights he's on he can sing George Jones in a Wild Turkey dream
That's the karaoke cowboy at the bar in Grand Saline
Steel Solo
He said he hit it big in Branson doing Elvis everyday
Till a trailer park tornado took all of that away
He's got a whiskey throat and a broken heart from his dried up Nashville scene
Now he karaokes every Tuesday night at the bar in Grand Saline
Luanna was a rose queen her high school pictures on the wall
We wonder how she's a bar maid now with her name on the bathroom stall
But we've seen her smile at the cowboys style cause he treats her like a queen
She falls in love every Tuesday night at the bar in Grand Saline
There's a blue tick howling at the first full moon In the backside of the bar
Wild Turkey on the house every Tuesday night Makes everybody a star
so we sing all night till we feel alright or till the bar maids get obscene
Then we say goodnight to Cowboy Bob at the bar in Grand Saline

Autor(es): Adam Carroll

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