Karate Fighter

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Mystic healer walks beside you
Dark sorcerer his light it guides you

Do you think you're alive?
Do you feel you're alive?

A hero's welcome waiting for you
upon your return's when you learn
that they've bought and they've sold you
They won't let you survive
So you fight for your life

A lonely road they've placed before you
Left all alone sticks and stones
They have thrown and it hurts you
You must fight for your life
Just never say die

Follow me now as I look for the answers
Never returning again
Help me with days where I know there's no meaning
And I'm alone once again

All I had I gave to their meaning
Never a thanking or care
Help with times that I know there's no future
and I am lost once again

The holy gates have closed before you
All you have learned is you've burned
and now hells fire scorns you

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