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Sitting side by side with a lunch box on her thighs,
She won't look at me that way, she won't talk about her boyfriend.
She looks so good it hurts, oh we'll soon be back at work,
Cause our lunch breaks nearly over, if only I could hold her,
Want to brush that wisp of hair away from her eyes,
Want to see her hair untied and hanging just below her ears,
Karen, please hurry I have patience of just one man, I need more hints than your
giving, kiss my lips and I'll come running.
Oh Karen you have healed my heart by laughing at my jokes so hard,
Your soft whiteface is dear to me your compliments are chiming in my mind.
And maybe tonight after work we could go and drink some vodka,
Maybe tonight after work you could lose your inibitions,
Maybe then you'll tell me some stories from your childhood,
Stories sweet and funny and stories with a sexual edge.
And now I've really lost my head with all these vague assumptions,
Now I'm having thoughts that are far too rude to mention,
Heaven is in her lips

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