Ademilde Fonseca

Karen o

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Take a look around you
And tell me what you see
People turned to poison
Quicker than you and me
Everything i want to know
Everything, i ought to go
It's wrong.

City's that surround you
They bring you to your knees
Buildings are just piles of bricks
Don't let them get to you
Everything i want to know
I want to go..
It's wrong.

Sweet cannonball!
I never wanna go
I never seen the light
Oh why?

Sweet karen o
You never turned a lie
You never let me down

Christ i love you
You'll do anything i want
You know i love you
I'll do anything you want me to,
I'll love you anyway!
And all that i have come to
Every single day,
All that i should know
Has slowly gone away
It's every day that i love you more.

Sweet karen o,
Annie and charles
You'll never see this monster,
Turn around, sweet karen o.
Everything you had was
Given back to me
Given back to me.

Oh canon ball!
I'll give it back to you!
Sweet cardinal,
You'll never know a sin,
You'll never know
It's all a load of bull.

Sweet karen o, i still love you
Anything you want, anything you want.
So take a look around you
Tell me what you see
Buildings are just piles of bricks
Just like you and me.

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