Age Of Nemesis


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Shadow: that' s never seen a ray of light…
Waiting for what my fate provides…
I feel that rules don' t count for much now…
I see my image blur n' fade out…

Fly, let your thoughts fly!
Life is full of strife!
Harmful schemings…Lethal dealings…
Final nightmare… A few more light-years…!

The Lord up above us - amidst all his doubts!
N' man down here on earth - where demons abound!
The innocent new souls - the eternally damned…
Absorb all tha violence and hate in the land!

The Spirit is dead now, so ' s Hope and Belief!
No reason to feel now, no reason for grief!
This was our Karma, now kiss it goodbye…
Above us the sky flies relentlessly by…!

Thousands of years have just gone down the drain!
Ten thousand more would be only in vain!
We' ve all learnt nothing n' sadly man' s still blind!
Now he could rise from his ashes unseen…
Learn something new from his hideous dreams…
But he' d rather turn his back on his kind!

Harmful schemings…Lethal dealings…
Final nightmare…A few more light-years!

The Karma cycle' s taken flight:
Off it goes towards the sky!
The final scene, when all is done:
The Earth departing t' wards the Sun!

Autor(es): Age of Nemesis / Zoltan Fabian

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