Arrayan Path

Katherine Of Aragon

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I am the heart of a queen who died in vain
I've been through hell,
No words can tell an unbearable pain
My tribulations are so great
My life disturbed
Betrayed by kings and men
Who never saw my worth

But then an angel
Came to whisper in my ear
For the illusion of a paintless society
But with a broken heart
I sail to the unknown

I failed to see
When the fire flame dies in your eyes
What a life, a rigorous testament
All I want is the fear in the raven's eyes
And the pain of a lifeless forever

I've been through hell,
I've been through evil-minded wars
I handle the pain
Because the king won't hear my thoughts

Kimbolton castle is to be my early grave
I felt all the loss
Like I died a cross an unbearable rain
Like when you fail
To find the path to ease your pain
Sometimes you need to fin
The strenght just to sail away
Will remember my name
(Katherine of aragon)

Walking through the dark
Path of my life
Serpents crawling around your feet
Searching for more than shadows,
A sign
A peaceful place for me to sleep
A flash of lightning
Shows me the way
Yet the falling thunder

Blares my mind
I feel so trapped,
I've something to say
But no one is there to hear my cries
I want to live but I don't have a life
To get one, I know I must die
It's so ironic, it makes me scream
Just like a big man in a room of steam
Hell! I need help right now!
To end my torture, bare my crown
I need you,
It was a mistake for us to part
I love you, you're mine

You defiled, the betrayed
Katerina oh so sad
And your fights will remain
In eternity, in our dreams

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