Black Mary


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Tumbling curls of green by stained glass streaming light,
And a yellow coloured lampshade-used to keep us up all night,
And the smile upon your face, a tear upon your cheek,
And the night sky on the window-your heart calling out to me.

Come running home again Katie, come running home again,
Cross my heart and hope to die, shall I cause another tear fromyour eye?

The mirror that wont talk and your nightgown on the door,
The old pedal singer just wont sing no more,
You can roll the reels for hours, from the movie from thisbook,
It's a question mark on this heart of mine, sends an elder backto look.



Now I'm looking through a tunnel back into this room,
With the genius of a Druid, when the sunlight floods the tomb,
And I'm never going back there, and I couldn't any way,
'Cause though I made the great escape, I never got away.