Real Friends

Keep It Together

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You'll spend every saturday night on the bathroom floor with no recollection of the night before
You're a train wreck and everything that's in between
Being alone doesn't seem so bad to me

You're the type of girl that lets this whole town know when your lips come anywhere near a bottle
All you want is the attention from every eye and ear that covers up the walls in this room

I'd rather sleep with just my boney knees and the thought of someone that stands up straight
I guess i'll sleep alone tonight
You'll tell everyone you're different, but you're just a shade of grey that never stuck out to anybody

Fast forward to 2am and the walls aren't spinning around enough for you to forget your ex-boyfriend and all of your shitty friends
You say you'll keep it together, but i know you're gonna make those walls fall down
They always do

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