3rd Bass

Kick Em In The Grill

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[serch]aiyyo pete, it's chubbs
[chubb]sup g?
[serch]yo pete
[nice]yo serch
[serch]you know people tryin to gel us right?
Try to gel
[chubb]yeah dat
[serch]so you know we gotta we gotta rip this
[chubb]serch let's go kick that shit g
Drop it right here
[serch]right here, like an asshole
[chubb]one two
[serch]one two, ya don't stop

[mc serch]
Grooves get kicked as serch tries to flip like coins
Pain, like the foot to groins
3 strikes but i didn't gel the head yet
Why you still vexed over things i haven't even said yet
Yo pete, put you part-time like temps
Scale like a fence, put you in the past tense
You tried speedin but you ain't fast enough to chase me
So what i did this, ?? bring the kit to ben case
And don't waste time
Dopest tracks, so why you gonna waste rhymes?
I absorb like a sponge in the bozack
I'm trifle, get the rifle, or i step back and crack slugs
And my crew give pounds and hugs
Tugs on my shirt, let me know that i'm still pro-fessional
And at the end of the session, you'll know
That the 3rd'll disturb the verb with the noun
Shift the sound, so get up and get down, serch'll never stand still
Try to flam i'll be like claude van damme and just kick em in the grill

{"kick em in the grill.."}{"3rd bass"}
{"kick em in the grill.."}{"i'm chubb rock"}
{"kick em in the grill.."}{"serch!"}
{"kick em in the grill.. grill.. grill pete!"}

[pete nice]
?? like a camel to ??
Missin the points of ?? spliffs
If you wanna gamble, let it flow
I ain't al jolson and sambo
Low like a buddhist sniffin ? tree
But that booty fat bass it ain't movin me
To be or not to be on, your fm
Step to the am, the gimmicks, i'll play em
I say em while i'm takin 40 swigs
A chinaman eats with two twigs
Called your numbed, 9-7-0 piss
Goodfella, you can tell you're on my hitlist
For this i stick like a splinter
Play ya like a sphincter cause my title's minister
Serch said kick em, i gas em and trick em
Rhymes like ??, now chubb, stick em

[chubb rock]
Jump jump with the man with the plan, chubb rock
You know, a judo, a chop chop chop
From stereo monarch rationalize the grammar
It's like that and ah.. and ih.. ih.. if i stammer
Or sa-st-stutter, english found in the gutter
Or the sewer, while i talk like pete puma
How many lumps do you want inside your coffee?
Isn't about time, isn't about time, you stepped off me?
Yo chubb - are you the best, are you the one
That ?? large chest, well, nevertheless my
Finger won't do the walkin through cleavage
I got a girl of my own, she's at home
Chubb is not conceited, i'm convinced of the fact
Vanilla sold seven million copies of some shit that was wack
He can wrap, his lips around a big black cock
He needs no more pressed, let me stop
Cherry crusaders, clean clairvoyany concepts
Claiming critical conversations that came in..to view
Of 3rd bass mixed with chubb rock until
We kick the motherfucker in his, umm
G-r-i-l-l-l, word up that's the grill

[mc serch]
Hold up, chubbs, you got lifted
{word up} what's the science?

Autor(es): D. Ross / John Gamble / Michael Berrin / P. Nash / R. Simpson