Team StarKid

Kick It Up a Notch

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Scales and exoskeletons?
Why, they pale in comparison
To a body that is covered up by skin

We get rid of those antennae
Give you hair, and clothes and then I
Add two eyes and a nose and my boy, that is only
The beginning...


You've gotta kick it up a notch
If you're ever gonna reach your goal
You can't sit around and watch
Your destiny is in your control

Go 'head and kick it up a notch
If your life is at a level too low
There's no attempt that you can botch
When all you gotta do is just give it a go
But then again what do I know?

What I see right there
Is a prisoner
Who's sitting on top of the key

So kick it up a notch
If you ever wanna be free


Mosquito bros:
All you gotta do is
Kick it up a notch
To dig yourself outta this hole
You wanna have the things they got?
Then you gotta give that dice a roll

Kick it up a notch
What's the point of less when there is more?

Have a cigar

A glass of scotch
When opportunity knocks at your door
You let him in

Mosquito bros:
And then ya settle the score

Life is short so before it's over

Pincer and mosquito bros:
Take a chance and think it through

You'd better kick it up a notch
It's the human thing to do...

It's a big, big, universe
So many dimensions
And unanswered questions...

Not to mention, life
What an invention, life

There's no choice involved in what you are given
One mind, one voice, one body to live in


You wanna be a starship ranger?
Or is that a dream that you forgot?
You wanna be a starship ranger?
Well, this might be your one and only shot!


I... I...
I think I'll kick it up a notch
I don't care about the queen or the hive

(Spoken) that's the spirit!
(Spoken) kick 'em all straight in the crotch!
(Spoken) how about that?

Bug and pincer:
Who are they to deprive us of wanting to

Pincer: (bug:)
Kick it up a notch
(I'm gonna be a starship ranger!)
Never give yourself a reason to doubt
You gotta strike it while it's hot
(I'm gonna be a starship ranger!)
Cause that's what living is all about
My dear bug, it's time the lights went out!
(I'm gonna be a starship ranger!)


Kick it up a notch
Oh, my plan is all about to unfold!
Let's put a twist into this plot
Bug, go fourth, do everything that I've told ya

Pincer and mosquito bros:
When we, kick it up a notch

Mosquito bros:
It's blood for us!

And brains for me!

I'm gonna let this little snot
Be everything he's wanted to be
But only because I know he'll actually...

Feed my hunger for flesh
I want it warm and fresh

Pincer and mosquito bros:
Oh, pincer you're in for a treat

Let's kick it up a notch...

Mosquito bros:
Kick it up a notch...

So at last,
I'll have human meat!

Autor(es): Darren Criss

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