Kids Are On The Run

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"To the Bloods, Crips, 5th street gang, are loved."

In a rage they stand
In a world gone mad
Tight fisted lives of heartache
Living in this land
In their worn out jeans
With holes in the knees
All the battles fought in empty lots we've never seen

How many lives will be lost
How many lives will be won
Cause the kids are on the run

And all the planned out schemes
And video machines
Running through the night
Chasing another dead end dream
And all the idle time that just passed by
They're unaware of the damage done
The think they'll never, never, never die!


They're reaching out for something
This world cannot give
and they're lashing out in anger
Cause deep inside they want to live
God the kids just want to live! live!

Has the script been read?
Does the kid lie dead?
To survive they do what they can just to stay ahead
And the tragedy isn't hard to see
The kids are just reflections
Of everything they hear and everything they see

How many lives will be lost?
How many lives will be lost?
Tell me!
Cause the kids are on the run
The kids are on the run

Autor(es): Mike Stand

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