Abbie Gale

Kid Still Lives

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A long long time ago there was a kid, he flew into
The gardens of a dream, its face was pale and scars
All through his face

It seems like it's untrue but in a certain day they came
They came asking for him, a lot of years had passed, the
Kid was long past gone

They called him it was dark, they dragged him out in deep
Blue seas with winds all through his hair, they sat him down
He never said a word

His heart was full of love, his hands were shaking like
I'm still shaking right behind this mess, I see something
Familiar you know

He fed them in a way, they fed his fears do you recall your
First sight of this world, there's some strange air reminding
Me a sign

And as I take a walk I smell the flowers motionless, the
Wind still through his hair, I can't recall the name but
I can see the face

In long long times to come, the kid still lives in dreams
Although the gardens are no more, the face still pale
And tears replace the scars

In future eyes and words, in some child's eyes
The world will clean its wounds
And nothing less I hope
And nothing else I fear