Kill My Dreams

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Lost on a way to nothing
The girl with red eyes in crystal coffin
What for you return to my dreams and
Why your pale hands turn to the sand

Clamped between my lips?

Kill my dreams,
Kill the monstrous reality!
I’am a door
And you a key to my insanity!
Kill my dreams,
Kill me and my fantasy,
Kill my scream,
Kill me and your ecstasy!

Dressed in a shame, in cold fire
Read to me the bible in a white room, so dire,
Lost in monstrous constellation,
Hide so deep in your imagination

Autumn, my love…

Lost on a way to nothing
The girl with blind eyes such loving.
Darkness moves to a step to respiration
Somewhere it is deep in my imagination

Where dead birds sing again,
Where dark sky burn in a flame,
Where the universe accepts the new form,
There where the silence is reflected in an ocean storm,

Licking my soul in emptiness,
Burning my flesh in loneliness,
Dancing with me in the darkness
Naked & beautiful…