Beenie Man

King Of Dancehall

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eeeh heh, zagga zow,
zagga now now now now now
ziggy, yo, lets do this
pon bed pon floor against wall
we sex dem all till dem call mi
im di girls dem sugar dats all
welcome di king of di dancehall
pon bed pon floor against wall
we sex dem all till dem call mi
im di girls dem sugar dats all
welcome di king of di dancehall
[verse 1:]
(hello meet buddy gal!) play wid dem hair
(catch it now gimme nuh hickey gal!)
dont yuh dare (titty stiff eeeh?)
remove yuh undawear
waan mi fi ram it to stick it to jam it in widout
(gal fi get sex though)
who dat a ask mi why?
gallis mi ask mi question nuh funky guy
(whats up fattty?)
so how yuh act so shy
mi nuh beg kitty but mi a like a bligh
why, just so as yuh foot up high
cause i, yes i believe yuh can, fly, straight to di sky
betweenie mi name mi between yuh thighs
(mi nuh batman!)
afta mi nuh robin guy
if you and i ever knot to tie
nuh shy, when mi stab it then yuh reply
(woman orgasm)
bite yuh lips and cross yuh eyes, cause
[repeat chorus:]
[verse 2:]
(woman speaking)
(come here pretty girl)
yuh body shape so good
let mi introduce yuh to a piece a wood
(*beenie can i be your girl?)
i tink yuh should but i, dont wanna be misundastood
(nuh mistake!)
mi nuh waan a gal widout di pretty face
mi waan dem kickin in di waist and di body wid di shape
pon di treble wid di bass and di sound and di place
whetha i a pon di case see di murda pon yuh face
(this face!)
this is nuh sittin place
mi stand up and dweet nuh bow dung and taste
mi nuh run dung naany nuh chicken chase
she fi know di sex limits stop at sixty eight
(mi deh a airport a wait!)
twist some gal wid air freight
cau di whole a dem di fish a run dung buddy bait
natural body juice a nuh concentrate
yuh neva know a so di love doctor great, come on!!!
[repeat chorus:]
[verse 3:]
(mi belly full a food)
mi go pon a gal feast
cau mi go deh so fi sex mi nuh go deh so fi eat
(miss know how fi dweet!)
some people watch cheat
dem inna car seat but she six inch deep
(when mi unleash)
and she see di one feet
(yuh mean one foot!)
no mi mean one feet
cool baby love yuh too hard to discrete
so she tell everybody how she tear up di sheet
(yuh tink a toenail)
a di sittin weh go skeet
sticky sticky skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet
(a weh mi start beenie joke?!)
she tink i dont leave
mi nuh deal wid dung so baby dont meet
mi waan a gal wey petite nice and look sweet
when she see di third leg she run like chop meat
from mi know how fi dweet nah back nah retreat
mi know dat song yah complete, so when mi go so
[repeat chorus: x 2]

Autor(es): Maurice Gregory / Moses Davis / R. Kelly