Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

King Of The Cannibals

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He´s a homicidal genius
Who never leaves a trace
Noone knows his name
Or has ever seen his face
A phantom of the dark
Cold eyes like two sparks
Starring at you out of the dark
He crawled out of his hole
Into the neon-light
And now he´s on the hunt for human flesh
Heart of evil
Soul of blackness
Prince of darkness
With the blade of his knife
He loves to scare you to death
And he´s giggling wild
When you take your last breath
Your blood splats on the wall
And your blood splats on the floor
You cry for help
And he screams for more
With some gaffer-tape
He prevents your eyes to keep shut
And slice by slice he eats you up
Ref.: He´s the king of the cannibals
The lord of the ghouls
A madman out of control
A psych´ on the loose
He´s the king of the cannibals
Lord of the ghouls
You know he is out there
And he´s waiting for you

Autor(es): Blood Sucking Zombies from Outerspace

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