Bryan Ferry

Kiss and Tell

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Ten cents a dance
It's the only price to pay
Why give 'em more
When it's only love for sale?

Adam and Eve
It's the oldest game in town
Just a one way street
To a faded magazine

Kiss and tell
Money talks it never lies
Kiss and tell
Give and take eye for an eye

Fever the heat of the night
Dreamer stealer of sighs
One public face
In a private limousine

Flash photograph
It's the only light you see
No secret life
There's no secret you can steel

Your lips are moving
But I will never know
What they mean
Kiss and tell

Money talks and love it burns
Kiss and tell
Give and take we live and learn
Kiss and tell

We never lie
Eye foe an eye
Blood on a nail
Kiss me again

Autor(es): Bryan Ferry

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