Kiss Me Slowly

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stumble in my head
I never would imagine
your lips could be so red
a cherry colored heaven
you taste it all the time
it's like that when you're over
you're perfect smile, it shines
you promise you'll sleep over
and it's love

telephone's no good
I need to feel you breathing
and shudder like you should
like I do when you tease me
my candy coated lover
I'll kiss you over and over
just close your eyes and dream me
until you get to see me
and it's love

lying in your bed
you still pretend you're sleeping
my body feels like lead
when you reach out to feel me
your fingertips will shock me
these covers cannot hide me
you reach me, pull me over
and kiss me over and over
and it's love

stumble in my head
I never would imagine
my body feels like lead
as you reach out to shock me