Kiss Of Death

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in the darkest gloom of a melancholy night
an angel fell from the sky
her eyes were like two reflecting lakes of misery
her heart a dying ember
out of the inky blackness came forth an ephemeral presence
his heart a radiant flame
his soul glowing like a translucent jewel
he sparked her dreams with his captivating touch
soothing her sorrows with enchanting eyes

as the angel was drawn closer to him
she sealed her fate with the kiss of death

the sparkled essence left her alone
whereupon she crashed to the floor
her wings shattered into diamond-like shards
she could no longer fly
for her fantasy had gone away
since she had nothing else
she wept infinte crystal tears
which twinkled in the darkness like hopeless stars in a dead night.
her agony was to no avail, for the fairytale being did not return
and she was left to sink into the shadows
never to be seen again...

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