Kiss Of The Thorn

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Four thousand years, the seed of doom
Has waited in the shadows
The suffocation of my embryonic tomb
Out of the bliss that forms the unity of destruction
Cathedral spires, crosses, glisten in the moon

Spawn of the ash
Kiss of the thorn
Spawn of the ash
Darkness reborn

Two thousand angels burning
As they reach their new damnation
When morning breaks the demons blinded by the sun
The wisdom of the ages left without a sign or reason
Your words are black and cold, your angels dead and gone

And as I lay awake
Afraid to ponder more on this dreamt
I am amused at your thought of an afterlife
Toil as the fiery crust of your salvation burns away
Exposing faiths frailty consumed
For we are dead
And you are lost

Six thousand demons rising out of the abyss of fire
My eyes bear testimony to legions of the dead
Hellfire burns erase the record of your own existence
Shatter the afterlife you face another end

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