The Bones


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Everybody know that i'm the best
Around they don't even know why
I look like Bret Hart mixed with Dylan Klebold
Let me wet the propain in my eye
School shooter jacket with the wood grain blade
Butterfly strapped on the side for the prey
Waiting and debaiting for the time and the day
I should unleash every single plan that i made
Plan that i made why aim for the hate
Every kid and teacher that ever picked on me
Grip don't squeeze
I don't wanna make you bleed
But i know what a scene you have seen
When i leave
Crime scene when i leave in the woods when i flee
Back for the cabin with a smile on me
Dig another cellar
Then i'm ready for the weather
Bitch i coming down
You better remember
Just what i'm telling
Get low when you see me
Come round, better get down
When you hear that song
Pipe bomb blowing in the loud
Background, lifes get snatched
Before your body hits ground

Autor(es): Bones

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