Aimee Mann


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Daisy, you
Shouldn’t do the things you do
But you’re just, so incapable of changing
Your lie so well
I could never even tell
What were facts, in your artful rearranging
But I came back for more
I know after my face in the wrong you did
'Cause I’m a Labrador
And I run when the gun drops the dove again

We first met, I was grant to be your pet
Like a loud I want side but we call blazing
But fetching you sticks
Was the best the hand for sticks
You got bored, you got mad and you got crazy
I get back for more
And you laughed in my face and you in
'Cause I’m a Labrador,
And I run when the gun drops the dove again

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer
Daisy, daisy, duke
Remember good old how she waited at the stairs for you

Daisy, I could almost feel the tear
But let’s shine, in the time we have remaining
You’re 12 out, but a dog is just a pound
And believe me my dear I’m not complaining

'Cause I came back for more
'Cause I knew that you’ve done
The best you could
I’m a Labrador, and it’s me, who could see
That was understood
I come back for more
Daisy, daisy, duke
'Cause I’m a Labrador
Yeah I come back for more
I’m a Labrador
Do, do, do, do, do, do.

Autor(es): Aimee Mann