La Cantina

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What's up man
Nah, last night was the bomb homie
I got fucked up ay
But I woke up with this biggest fuckin headache
Hungover like a fuckin bitch
I'm never drinking again homeboy, huh, yeah right

I usually wait til Sunday to have my menudo
But it's Saturday and I woke up all crudo
I think I had one too many shots of tequila
Mira, I heard I made a toast to mi vida
Left a big tip, mariachis took my grip
And the sad thing about it is I don't remember shit
Wait a minute, bartender can you pass me a lemon
And a nice cold Tecate, thank you, simon
Anyways, yesterday was the bomb all night long
Getting drunk off my ass, bottoms up on the glass
Presidente and Coke, 1800's no joke
Had me feeling like I never felt before so pour some more
Til I hit the floor or stumble out the door
And when the bar closes, it's time to hit the liquor store
Drinkin Tecates, or the beer that's mas fina
Taking shots of tequila while I'm in la cantina

Sittin in the cantina
A latino con ojos como un chino
Downing the tequila
Mira bartender, let me get a round for everyone
Jose cuervo 1800 til the bottle's done

Sittin in the cantina
A latino con ojos como chino
Downing the tequila
Mira bartender, let me get a round for everyone
And when the bottles done crack another one

I said I wouldn't drink no more, but this can't be true
Cuz it's not even noon and I already had two
Warmin my menudo and one during the break
Want me to promise that I won't drink, but that's a promise I can't make
So suffering, hungover from the night before
But the only way to fix it is to drink some more
So did I? But of course what you think?
I'm sitting at the bar from the beers that I won't drink
You gotta be kidding me, the buzz is hitting me
Got me feeling light-headed
I'm headed to the park with the homie Spark
But they had some pisto there tambien
A couple twelve-packs that they jacked
I'm feelin like I can't win
Everywhere I go there's alcohol til I fall
It's 7 o'clock, but will I make it to last call
Hey homie, You vatos gonna be here for a while?
If so I'll see ya
But if not you know where I'll be homie, at the cantina


Back in the cantina, sippin my cerveza
It's gonna be the same way as last night holmes, I bet ya
Primos and friends from one night to the other end
The wicked wicked wino, is getting drunk again
Stumbling, I'm wasted and it shows
And wouldn't be suprised if later on I'm throwing blows
Cuz that's the way it goes, and everybody knows
But I'll just relax and go with the flow
Bartender I'm ready for another shot and won't stop until I drop
Or until somebody calls the cops
My primo picks me up off the floor
And said "I think you've had a little bit too much to drink
and I don't think you should drink anmore"
Drag me out, up the hill to mi canton
The bar's a few minutes away but it took me a hour to get home
I've learned my lesson, rule number one of la cantina
Don't mix cerveza with tequila


You know every weekend I say I'm never gonna drink again
But I'm always going back to la cantina with mi familia
That's right, i've got something to tell all of you
never mix a cervesa with tequila
I'm warning you

Autor(es): Robert Flores / Royal T

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