Adam Carroll


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Capo 3

She's got a warm heart she got a soft tongue
She gives a coffee cup to a drunken old bum
And he doesn't have to thank her cause she knows that he's feelin alone
She puts her hand out where no church bells ring
She doesn't say too much till she gets up to sing
To the penniless losers on the sidewalk with faces of stone

She moans tender mercies to a world runnin wild
She's got the face of an angel, she's got the soul of a child
And I'm stuck in the cold, she'll wait for awhile
She's captured my heart with her sweet summer smile
She tells the twilight of all her days blessed
She greets the sunrise in her cool cotton dress
And she'll never be judgin, she stands in her own pair of shoes
And I'm a stranger she's earned my trust
Singin' songs about heaven and Jesus
She works hard all day long just to keep from singin the blues


I'd always thought heaven was someplace so far away
But I found some salvation in the love of another today

She cries for the lonesome to the stars up above
She takes all my hate and brings me back love
And she lives with a passion like nobody I've ever known
In a lost crowd she'll find a friend singin out loud
Her day doesn't end till she's helped some lost drifter
To find the way to his home

Autor(es): Adam Carroll