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It's been a long day and here I am
On bed again
I spent a day behaving like a wolf
But I'm nothing but a lamb

I won't let my children
Watching me cry
Either way, I'll
'Cause I'm nothing but a lamb

And when the night comes I take off
My wolf clothes
I can finally be myself
I'm a poor fucking lamb

How could we want not be frustrated
If we're not honest
With ourselves
Can we?

We keep lying to ourselves everyday
We are terrible liers
Terrible liers!

We are so sure about our
Certainties that we can't
See that we are far from
Who we are

We track this path made of money
'Cause we're too afraid to
Be honest with ourselves
At least once

And that's why
We have to fake smiles
We have to fake everything
And we do it all with fake eyes
That hide a poor lamb

It's been a long day and here I am
On bed again

Autor(es): Vitor Soares