Gloria Estefan

A little push

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Funny how you never know
Where your heart is gonna go
Suddenly you’re being pulled into a rising undertow
What started as a little rain
Grows into a hurricane
Riding on a wave
Desire flowing, crashing through your veins
What you want, I know
What you need
I think you need a little push in my direction if
You’re gonna fall in love
All you need’s a little nudge and
I will catch you when you fall
I think it’s only fair to bring to you attention
You’re about to fall in love
Yes, you’re gonna fall in love
You’re opening a different door
Curious to know the score
But so afraid that once inside you won’t
Be leaving anymore
And while your hesitation burns
You’re gonna be surprised to learn
How easy it’ll be to get you to the point of no return
What you want, I know
What you need
You fear love that’s real love
Expecting ideal love
It’s hard to conceal love
Deny what your feel, love, you feel love.