Two Gallants

Las Cruces Jail

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Well i spent last night in las cruces jail. rain and hail. born to fail. nobody come for to go my bail. sun don't you rise no more. guess i killed one man on the county line. took his dime and i blew his mind. now i'm just sittin' here doin' time. sun don't you rise no more. a restless wind is whistling through the canyons, through my head, through all the straits that i've survived. and in my hour of darkness i keep counsel with the dead, just enough to remind me i'm alive. i wrote to the governor for to hear my plea but he don't even answer me. the judge said he's bound to set my spirit free. sun don't you rise no more. gavel fell, he chose the day, friday the thirteenth of may. but i don't plan to go that way. sun don't you rise no more. that's twenty-one fell by my gun, with bullets in their brains. just need one more to match my age. then i'll count my killin' done but i won't deny my name: quickest wrist of the chaparral and sage. now desperate times call for desperate men, i'm just a kid but i'll pretend. my time will come but until then, sun don't you rise no more. but i see that gallows altar, that circle 'round the sun. they'll hang me if i stay here, shoot me if i run. that jailer better watch his pride or off my wrists these shackles slide. hear my restless forty-five. sun don't you rise no more.
And down the valley, down the road, to infamy i'll ride.
I'll take my pardon on the run, with a trail of death behind me and deluvina at my side, two silhouettes against the sun.
[epilogue: goodnight my andalucía. don't buy all the lies that they feedya. and while you're heading slowly to some place i cant respect, i'll keep you in my collection of regretsæduerme bien, querido.]

Autor(es): Chelsea Jackson / Two Gallants

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