Last Night's Song

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One night in December I looked up at your window
The candles had been put in place
Couldn't believe what you said there to me
When there's somebody else in your face.
You held out your hands and you made your demands
With the cuts upon each of your wrists
And I tried to explain that you'd do just the same over each of the times that we missed.

But your eyes are like fire inside of your head
I'm turning away but you beg me to stay here instead

The hallway is empty around half past three
The streets are all silent in sleep
I crawl out the room when she's living in dreams
But I know none of them are of me
When I'm not there I'm alone with my fears
Your arms are round somebody else
And I know you don't mean it, but I can't believe it
And nothing will make any sense

So I'm saying goodbye

The clock on the wall has been broken for days
And time is no more in your room
People pass by but they won't stop and call
And that won't be changing too soon
But when she calls my name all my thoughts are the same
I can't get her out of my head
And this bitter display is just tearing my senses away
So why have you said

That it's only the way you feel in your room?
You pray that no-one sees us together too soon
No-one can love you, so no-one can leave you
No-one can trust you, but I still believe now that
You'll wrap me up in your fingers to answer your call
And I can't think at all