Dead Moon

Last Train

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The last train is leaving, cant you read the signals in my eyes?
Im standing on the platform waiting for the one they left behind
If Id foreseen the future, could I or would I have changed a thing?
Down a million miles of empty track just trying to get beyond what people think
And I dont know where Im at

Im heading down the hallway trying to find that doorway lost in time
Id been here once before but through the years it slowly left my mind
I know your out there somewhere , waiting for me just beyond the rise
And if I ever find my way back to you- this time Ill realize
I dont know where Im at

Imprisoned in a window, passengers looking down the line
I wonder what theyre thinking, I wonder what theyll find
As I lit another cigarette watching for the wind across your hair
And for that fleeting moment, I swear, I saw you standing there
And I dont know where Im at

Autor(es): Allen Toussaint / Fred Cole