Last Words

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These are my last words in life
These are the things that i'm gonna leave
Power brought with bloody money
Wealth built on innocent lives

That's my empire, made of hate and pain

Money was my fascination, but now
The greedy dream is gone

That was my life full of empty lies


It's about time to go
Just your words will remain


When you're close to death
You see your life passing by
And you find out who you were
And what you're leaving behind

I lived among the bums and junkies
They were my brothers and my friends
With them i doped off my reality
In this violent neighborhood

I was just no one roaming free

I lost my family and my job
I lost all my self -respect

I was defeated in my infernal war

Bridge chorus

I was the leader of the blind crowd
I turned my greed into their laws
I was the priest that made them all slaves
I made money on their faith

I forged healings in the name of god

Now i'm lying on this cold bed
Scared of where i will go

Regret takes over my mind in the end


Autor(es): Claúdio David / Sergio Cichovicz