Cosy Sheridan

Late Night Love Talk

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I used to be what we call single

I excelled at the late night love talk

If you don't have to mean what you say

I could say a lot.

If i didn't have to account, i could count you all the ways

If i could already see where it was going

I could always say i'd stay

I used to have what we call all the options

A lot of who-knows and maybe-next-times

What could not tie me down, i could hold that line

If i didn't have to really come through,

I could be there whenever they need

I could drive all night, they could rest on my shoulder

When it's over i could always leave

Its the always, the forevers

They comfort and then they'll haunt you

With the late night love talk

Hoping someone will want you

I used to think i could live my life swept off my feet

Now there are promises i don't make

There are private things i keep

Like just how i would go on, if you and i could not

I used to be what i called single

I know the late night love talk

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