Laugh Some Day

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Just a few facts that I thought you should know...
Life increases your chances of dying,
so why are you trying at all?
On a walk in the summer sun you're more likely to be in a homocide,
not to mention the cancer you'll get and the light waves frying your eyes.

Dive right in... (?)
Dive... (?)
(whispered in background)
Accept the lack of control.
Let this wake you up.
The self is not in control.
Let this wake you up.

Life is full of risks.
Take your pick and dive right in.
We're approaching this all wrong, nothing comes from worrying.

As you're breathing this air,
you're increasing your chances of getting diseased,
so retreat in your house with your spouse,
the one person most likely to kill you.
Imagine a leaf as it falls to the ground
whining about an obstruction on the way down,
curling itself to shield from the wind so hopelessly.


You'll laugh some say.
Laugh Some Day.


Autor(es): Eric Johanson