Blood On The Dance Floor


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Yeah, I'm grilling bitch fucking eat my face
I'm sick of your shit and I'm fighting back
And I'm stabbing your bone like a Voltron attack
Ow, ow
Fuck yeah bitch
Feel my pow
All my life I've been lied to, deprived too
Never had it fair, always had to fight through
This is for every fucking abused kid
Who ever motherfucking vowed to motherfucking lose it
So step off it's my fucking turn
Dancing on your grave
Partying up and rave
I've been fucked up for two goddamn days
Oh my God dude I'm going to call the ambulance on you
Wah, wah, wah
Yeah, motherfucking run through
Laugh out loud
Let's ride boo
I just killed Dahvie and now I'm Mr. Vanity
He's in the dance floor
Fucking orgy obscenity

Going to the club and screaming lawlz
On the dance floor just shake that crowd
I'll hit you with a fucking pow
You'll be crying ow, ow, ow [x2]

Yeah boy we be drinking rounds [x4]

And I can't stop
Danger, danger
It's a fucked up stranger
He's fucking messed up on Adderall and Jaeger
Hey man
Aren't you that dude from that one band?
No, bitch, get the fuck away
Don't make me fucking kick your ass today
I don't care what I say
I just take my mic and just spray
If I offend you, good
If you don't like my lyrics, suck my dick
I always had to keep myself inside
Not good for my health
Whoops,oops, I shouldn't say that
Fuck that
I'm a scene, sick, scientist
Loading on your girlfriend's tits
Look, I'm young, I'm thug, I just don't give a fuck
So I took your girl
She's giving me a good suck
Sorry, hehe
He's got a nicer peepee
Laugh out loud
It's funny how things work out
Let's jump to the song
Everyone sing along
Go grab your bong
Whip your bras and shake your thongs

Getting my hair done at sexy parties
Grab me a bitch and a bottle of Bacardi
Getting my hair done at sexy parties
Grab me a bitch and bottle of Bacardi

Yeah boy we be drinking rounds

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