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Layil לַיְלָה

Bayith shuwach maveth ma`gal rapha'
Upagesu siyim et-iyim we-sair al re-ehu
Yiq-ra ak-sam hir-giah
Lilit umaseah lah man-owah

So beautiful-so lustral.
I fear you, white-cladded by the foam of the waves
Perfected by the aeon's caress, I paint you
Scarlet and I present you with a poisonous infested goblet:
What is your name, written under the pentacle?
Your radiance betrayed my eyes-
I fail to read the acid letters on your crown
I raise my sword and on your starlit
Belly I scorch your title:
Tonight my wand reminds me of your
Tongue, consuming fire. Tonight your
Womb reminds me of gehenna,
Consuming light. I am your serpentine lover
And you are my cthonic whore:
Let your hair cover the universe.
Let our kin trample the mortal thrones.
Hail, layil, mistress of the deep - your uterus is the gate:

Eternal return

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