Smalltown Poets

Lay It Down

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I held the day
Above the night for you, love
To see you lift your eyes up
To see you smile again

Your heavy heart
Looks for a sanctuary
From all the hurt you carry
Into another day
The sun is rising

My love, lay it down

You're born to shine
Along the way of heaven
To find you've been forgiven
To know it works that way

So they were right
And pride is hard to let go
Would you believe I said so
And put it on the line
The sun is rising
Your confession won't surprise me

Love, lay it down
My love, lay it down
Oh let it all
Come down on my love

Just as sure as the sun is rising
Your confession won't surprise me
Lay it down on my love
Lay it down

Love hear the truth
I have joy to give you
I'll make everything new
Trust me so let it go
I have far better plans
Than this moment demands
I'll take care of you one of my own
My own

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