Lay Me Down

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(And on the day we met)
I was young, I was so hungry and naïve
(I never will forget)
And when you spoke, I wanted so much to believe

You held my ticket in your hand

(You said, "I'll take you there")
Like a lover, like a schoolboy, I learned it all by heart
(You said you'd always care)
And when you left, the whole thing just tore me apart

Now you're comin' round again
Like you'd never gone
Did you think I would follow you home?

I don't wanna lay me down
What you want is mine
Never ever lay me down
Not a second time

(So now it's come to this)
And you're talkin', and you still give my head a ride
(But I don't want your kiss)
And you can't make me swallow my pride

Don't take me for a fool
Don't take me at all
'Cause I'm not gonna come when you call


Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon