Lazy and Cool

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You know I'm the man when I boil a hit
I'm way too old but I don't give a shit
I'm a moistboy cheap toy that ain't no fuckin' lie
I'm smokin' like a king and I'm waitin' to die
Let me drive your nova let me break in your tires
Keep your eye out for a pig cause my license expired
Gotta drive in the snow with rubber and fire
Moistboyz don't care they never retire

I'm lazy and cool
Fuck all the rule
I'm drunk and I'm stupid
And I dropped out of school
I'm payin' no dues
And takin' no shit
I'm rollin' and I'm crass
And I know when to spit

The king of the pawn when I'm turfin' your lawn
Out on the porch when I run over your dog
I know the law and I know what you saw
But I'm laughin' like a punk and watch you pay for it all
There's crack in my chrome when it's time to go home
Wind down in time baby get you alone yeah
Fly-girl nudeswirl princess disgrace yeah
Dickie's gotta plan to put you in your place

Autor(es): Moistboyz