Lazy Brain

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Osbournes!!!! Ha ha ha ha! I-I-I-I!
Ozzy puts bats down his throat
Real different people live in his home
"Cosby, he's not," You complain
"He's burned out from drugs and forgets his own name!"
Censors soon start bleeping, "What did he just say?"
I know enough to tell it's not a statement of faith
I know enough to tell Ozzy may need saved
Let's go!
I've listened to Priest and I've listened to Crue
I've watched Alice Cooper get saved out of booze
One person's addictions can ruin his soul
But Jesus saved Alice so you never know
Metal groups still screaming - why are we so tame
They're going off the trail but they ain't insane
They're going off the trail 'cause we're lazy brains
Why don't we think 'bout Romans 1 through 3?
You gotta listen to God's Word
There was a cola war and Ozzy succumbed
He'll sell Mr. Bubble when MTV's done
Lately I just am not scared
The devilish Ozzy - he just isn't there
Maybe he's not really who and what you claimed
I know what Ozzy says but he may still change
So don't underestimate God's amazing grace

Autor(es): Bob Daisley / Ozzy Osbourne / Randy Rhoads