Lazy Lady

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Lazy Lady's fortune's up
Ah, she's gettin' out of hand
Took three years to find her out
That I couldn't ever be her man
Yea, she spit in my face
And I threw her out
She didn't even give a damn
And not too long when she starts to play
I think she'll start to understand
She's such a lovely lady
Yea, don't look lady, I won't be around
I ain't the kind for a second chance
Well, I could wander down the alley for a two-bit tramp
But I can't dig a hooker's romance
I thought it was fine 'bout the very first time
You're quite a mystical chick
But the most of our luck
Ran the ace of spades
Lady now you turn me sick
Get home!
Lazy Lady's growing old
She's twenty but she acts like ten
And when I look back on all the good times we had
I hope I never see her again
But now lady was coy
She came running back
She had a new trick up her sleeve
She bought the whole block that I'ma livin' on
Now she says she wants me to leave
She's such a lovely lady!

Autor(es): Bobby Liebling