Lead and Feather

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Whenever I can - I don't dare
Whenever I must - I'm aware
Every love - just gives me pain
Whatever I see - Is the same
Where is the tunnel - Where is the light
Where is the love - That they described
I feel so empty - Where is the path
My soul is burning - In the dark

I see no sense - In going in on
It doesn't matter - Which side won
The pain grows stronger - With every word I say
So go away now - And let me stay

You are the center - You are the love
You are the meaning - Coming from above
You are the tunnel - You are the light
But no-one told you - You have the might
You are the answer - Glowing in time
You've been the first tought - When will you shine
The love surrounds you - Even if you burn
Your heart wil tell you - It's time to turn

Autor(es): Peter Spilles

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