Herbert Grönemeyer

Lead Me Home

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the wind will slice
the air like ice
and seabirds screech at me
the elements
will darkly duel
but your lighthouse i see
i stand awake
and grip the wheel
against a violent sea
i'm climbing up horizon bound
because that's where you'll be

lead me ever home
endless raging foam
far too long i've been abroad
light your beacon fire
pilot my desire
permission please
to come aboard
in this changing watch
batten down my hatch
or i might break beneath the storm
so hold me water tight
that i can sail all night
when i come this time
don't ever let me go

the sky will tear
the sea will growl
a wall of waves is pushing back
dropping hearts
from peak to trough
where the weaker timbers crack
and you're as far
as the ocean's wide
though the salt may blind my eyes
i can see
through the swelling tears
you will always be my prize

lead me ever home...

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