Lead Us Into Hell

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Welcome to this mortuary rite of invocation
Winds of evil evoke the voice of satan, my master
Chariots and horses of fire guide us to the temple below
Trampling benevolent fools with demonic laughter

Summon the voice of belial's son
The final funeral chant has begun
Angel of death, he is the one
To grant us the spell

Lead us into hell

In the darkness of hell, the final black mass of sacrifice
Riders of the twilight void beckon the gateway to hell of hell
We venture the kingdom of death and its splendour, with force to bring god's demise
Beyond lies the domain where only pure black evil dwells

Bringer of war
With death in your blood
There is no peace in the reaper's court
Dealer of pain
Will never desist
There is no escape in the abyss

Lead - jon doom