Edie Carey

Lean Into Me

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You can't complain
I warned you about this
That you'd star in a song or two
And you'd get a serenade in exchange for a kiss
And a handful of those bedroom looks that only you can do

I can guarantee
This'll make you blush
I can just see your hands
Fly to your face
And there's a lot about your hands that's a lot like us
But I wouldn't have it
Any other way

So come here bashful
Don't bury your head
Let me have a look at you
Let me lure out the fear
And the dread
That have made
Their home in you
Lean into me
Lean into me

My favorite sport is
Watching you sleep
I like knowing you don't know
I'm there
And anyone could guess
The hours I keep
By the black-circle-bitchiness
The Heidi-gone-acid hair

And it takes a hell of a lot
To distract me
Just try prying my fingers
From my guitar
And the road away from you sometimes attracts me
Still I keep finding myself
Where you are

So come here lollipop
Don't wrap your head
Let me have a taste of you
Let me melt away
The black and the red
That have made
Their way through you
Lean into me
Lean into me

As much as I hate to admit I care
I think its frighteningly clear I do
And I think it's safe to say
I'm not going anywhere
I can't seem to do anything
Except stay right here with you

So just come over here
let me kiss your forehead
Let me believe in you
Let me pick you up
And whisk you off to bed
Though you don't have a clue
Please let?s believe you do
Can I relax into
The stream steam of you?
Can I kiss away
All the black and blue?
Can I lean into you?
Can I lean into you?
Can I lean into you?