Billy Squier

Learn How To Live

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You got a lot to learn
You play in the might get burned
You gotta sacrifice
You're playin' the victim of your own device
You try to understand
The comb-in-the-ashes isn't what you planned gets you every time
You're chasin' the visions--they're nowhere to find

Learn how to give...learn how to take
Learn how to live before it's too late

You got the restless eyes
They turn to distraction--there's no compromise
You gotta take some time
And fight for the answers--they're hard to find don'tcha fantasize
Start makin' your chances materialize

Learn how to bend...learn how to break
Learn how to mend broken heartaches
Learn to forgive...learn how to wait
Learn how to live before it's too late

Run from the light, and you lock all your doors
It's harder to fight when you've gone down before
The scene's 're so right--but they play out so wrong
So into the night it goes on and on and on and on and on

Autor(es): Billy Squier

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