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Learning how to handle extra love
That´s all I can think of
Yet I´ve already got my share
Nothing missing anywhere

Learning how to handle new affection
Constant reflection
Yet I´m already linked for everlasting
Body and soul, and I won´t let it go

Boat adrift in the stormy sea
What could a soul do on its own?
Not by chance, no one´s ever alone

Just push it down the cliffs
no buts, no ifs
Deep underground
Where only mother stands serene
Pay your debts, you must, you will
Call, ask her:
“get you flaming sword, save my world”

Friendship, gratitude, respect,
That´s all that´s left
Growing safely as grass
Rain, sun, time will pass
And I´m still climbing my real path

Dear old one, the two of us remain
No fear, no pain, no shame

Learning how to drift no more
You are all I could wish for
And you´ve already got your share
I will always be there
Learning how to handle old affection
Constant satisfaction
And you´re already linked for everlasting
body and soul, you won´t let me go

Autor(es): Maria Luísa Galvão

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