Ariadna Project

Learning To Believe

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Today I will leave all behind, I've found now my way
and there's no turning back, now I know who I am
in the game of life...

The days will come and will go, despite all the downs
the good things will remain, I'm building up my own fate
a fact that no-one can change...

Facing the storm, I spread my wings and fly
The future is here, so now I'm on my way...

Setting new aims to attain, letting my fears drift away
I'll carry my dreams into a new day
Feeling new power inside, hope that never will die
now is the time, to be strong and never give up!!!

I'm leading the path that I choose, day after day
obeying my own rules, I got the wheel in my hands
a chance that I have to take...

I'm here telling to you, that You hold the key
to open up your soul, I'm feeling finally free
I'm Learning how to Believe...

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