Learning To Fly

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Everybody has a dream
It is the basis for being able to live
We live very choices
Pick the right to strengthen

The dream is always far
Is never in the same place
The trick is to never give up
To be able to perform

Never say you will not get
Make sure power to conquer
No matter the size of the dream

For mine is to learn to fly
The highest you can

I want to go loud
Where no one had managed to see me
The sky is my limit if there is limit
So a man seeking unlimited unlikely
I trust in my voice

And who is on my side
Difficulty always exist
I continue on the path of my dream

Learn to fly
The highest you can

Never say you will not be able to reach
In the race never settle for second place
Run over, as fast as you can
His dream is far, only if you want

Learn to fly
The highest you can.

Fly very high.

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