Bill Staines

Leatherwing Bat

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"Hi," said the little leatherwing bat,
"I;ll tell you the reason that,
The reason that I fly in the night,
is because I've lost my heart's delight."
Howdy dowdy diddle um day
Howdy dowdy diddle um day
Howdy dowdy diddle um day
Fa la lee dum a diddley doe.

"Hi," said the owl with his head so white,
"Another day and a lonesome night,
I thought I heard a pretty girl say,
She's court all night and sleep all day."

"Hi," said the redbird sitting on a chair,
"Once I courted a lady fair.
She got sassy and away she fled,
And ever since that I've dressed in red."

"Hi," said the balckbird sitting on a bench,
"Once I courted a handsome wench.
Then one day she turned her back,
And ever since I've dressed in Black."

"Hi," said the bluebird as he flew,
"If I were a young man I'd have two.
If one got sassy and away did go,
I'd have two strings for my bow."

"Hi," said the jaybird sittin in a tree,
"When I was a young man I had three.
Two got sassy and they took flight,
And the one that's left don't treat me right."

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