Grand Theft

Leave It There

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well a couple odd years
the house 's been up for rent
and the time is now
so you gratefully attend
to the passing day
with hopes for something in return
and you confess
to every trick a body learns

and you've always opposed
winter in my voice
it is why i liked you most

but highways and byways unknown
and cold eyes that mirror my own
until the dawning of the day
you're trying to keep warm
you sure imagine something different
when you're young

but i am not afraid
there is only give and take
there's a quiet in my wake

so now you sleep in beds
with such reckless company
i'm moving far away
but i'm still close enough to see
i get a picture of your hands
worn with fatigue
in the confusion of the moment
did our eyes meet

little that i know
i don't age well i'm told
i guess i better
leave it there