Leaving Here

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You say that you've been here too long
The evenings are furnished with rain
And nights in the town see the moon spinning round
The corners that all look the same
We thought that we'd made it til June
The carnival years far behind
But the years turn to days, and the nights are all hazy
And I wonder if you'll ever find

Anyway to come down and tell me that you're only dreaming
Of this town by the sea, and never think twice about home
So I guess it's a shame that I'm leaving
And I guess it's a shame to grow old

So goodnight to Eastersand Bay
The last of the nights in July
With the boys from the morning, confused and ignoring
The evenings that passed them all by
I know you could tell me what's wrong
But I know that I'll leave you behind
But we have to go soon, but don't know what we're doing
And I wonder if you'll ever find