The Gadjits

Leawood Rock

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You say you're feeling down and out
Finally done some things you said you never did
And accepting everything that you can't change
Is a problem that you never could rid
I see you you couldn't live one more moment with out her
You've done the worst thing of all
Your white light ain't no diffrent from black
Indecision has got you by the balls

Leawood rock
You would know if you'd grown up here

She was from kansas city
Much like the rest of what you see
With her brown hair and eyes and her pretty smile
She'd bring any boy to his knees
She's so smart it's such a shame
She's gotta put up with me
I used to feel bad but today i feel glad
You don't always get what you see

Months on tour i can't ttake anymore
And the midwest is calling my name
Pretty mamma won't you take me back to leawood
It's my suburb of kansas city
I got room and a bad and a telephone
And a pillow to lay my head
I got box of records and a TV set
And a hundred million things i don't need

Autor(es): Brandon Phillips / Zack Pig Pen Phillips

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